Client Shoots

Thank you for choosing to shoot with me! I value your trust and support and want to make sure you have a great experience shooting with me. 

The purpose of this page is to help clients better understand my processes and set expectations for you. 


Images to be Shot

I shoot beauty images, conceptual images, and fashion editorial styled glamour stills and video clips.

Since I am being compensated to do this shoot for you, it is important that you communicate to me specifically the types of images that I do that you want me to shoot for you. If you have specific concepts or vision in mind that you would like to shoot, please let me know so that I can incorporate them in to the planning for the shoot so that we can have time to shoot them. If you prefer that I take the lead and you trust in my vision and tastes I'm more than happy to do that for you. I will default to this position unless you speak up and let know you specific needs. 

Regarding  nudity, I'm totally comfortable doing nude work if that is something that you desire but it is not something that I expected for you to shoot. I believe that if you look at my body of work when it comes to the nude form then you will see that I use nudity as a compositional element of the image and as a compliment to the story. I always want the Clients that I work with to be comfortable with whats to be shot which is why I’ve presented these example images so that you have a specific idea of how I approach shooting nudes.  If you are more modest than adventurous in shooting nude work, no worries. Once you’ve made your preference known to me they will be respected, so please communicate that to me and the level of nudity that you are/are not comfortable with doing. 


Styling is a very important element for my shoot and adds to the production value. Since November of 2013, I’ve taken on doing the styling for most my shoots which  includes hair, make-up and wardrobe. I consider my skills proficient at best.

It’s always helps to know if you would want to do it yourself or know of  someone that can do hair and/or make-up that can do it well for you.  If you are willing to hire a Stylist for the shoot, a good one can be hired for $75-$100.  If we schedule a shoot, it’s helpful to know your skill level when it comes to hair and make-up so I know what we are working with in this area and can plan accordingly.

Please have a look at my Styling for Photoshoots  page for my styling preferences and let me know if you are able to do the looks posted there. On that page  you will find specific instruction on how I prefer the styling be done for the shoot. It is very detailed so please be sure give yourself time to read the material and view the videos for our shoot.

Also on the styling page, I have listed wardrobe that I suggest you bring to the shoot. I have plenty of wardrobe items (including shoes and accessories) that I use for shoot and tend to style the shoot ahead of time with those items. If you have particular items that you want to shoot, let me know so that I can include them in the pre-production of the shoot.

Business and Logistics


Assuming that you are interested let’s move forward with booking, please get back to me with threes (3) specific dates/times that work well for you and I’m open for and we can settle on one of those date/time.

Once we settle on a shoot date and you've  will fill out this questionnaire so that I can prep the Shoot Agreement and have the info I need for my pre-production of the shoot.


My general availability is:

September - mid June:
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri: Before 2:00pm if at residential studio, anytime except from 2:00pm to 7:00pm if location
Tue, Sat, Sun and Holidays: anytime

mid June - late August
Mon- Fri: Before 5pm if at residential studio, anytime if on location
Sat, Sun and Holidays: anytime

I tend to not want to book more than a 2-3 months in advance of a shoot.

Length of Shoot
I try to keep shoots to about  2-4 hours long. Sometimes they can go shorter or longer, so be aware of that.

- Add an extra 30-90 minutes for settling in after arrival, styling (if not shoot ready upon arrival) and paperwork (if not done ahead of the shoot).

- Add and additional 60-90 minutes if we are doing Same-Day review and product ordering

Images can be shot from my residential studio or on location.

My residential studio is located in Fort Washington, MD:

10838 Hilltop Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744

I typically will shoot secluded locations at the near by parks or various sets at the house when I shoot in the Fort Washington location.

If I’m looking at another location this will be discussed well in advance of the shoot with you.

Image Ordering, Retouching, and Delivery

– After the post-session timeline goes to something like this:

  • If Same Day Ordering Session, image will be uploaded for review. These images will be straight from the camera with no retouching done to the images. Image are selected for the Session Edit and your order is placed.
  • If you are doing a separate Ordering Session on a different day than your session then the images will be readied and you can review the images at the scheduled session then. NOTE: I do not use online proof galleries for Client Paid shoots. This allows me to keep the images from the shoot protected from hacking and private.  
  • The Shoot Agreement will state a deadline for turnaround of the images. This is usually 3-5 business day from the ordering session. the deadlines are included in the Shoot Agreement so I am legally bound by them.

- Listing of my products and digital files pricing can be found here:

– Delivery will occur via internet delivery. My default means for delivery is using Dropbox as I can set up a folder for future shoot delivery that way and most people like being able to access images via their computer or mobile device. I have alternatives if you prefer a different means of delivery. I can deliver a thumb drive of the images to you at additional cost (plus MD sales tax).

Business & Legal Stuff

Shoot Agreement
If we work together you will be asked to sign my Shoot Agreement , You can review it here:

You will be asked to sign it before we shoot. This Shoot Agreement references my Standard Terms and Conditions document so the Shoot Agreement can be kept to a one page document, so  be sure to review that as well to make sure you fully understand the terms and polices that you are agreeing to if you want to shoot with me.

Since this is a Client shoot, my default position is to NOT use any of the images from the shoot. This is your shoot so I don't expect to use the images for any of my purposes with out expressed written permission from you. 

The Shoot Agreement will grant you non-commercial, self-promotional use. So as long as you aren’t selling the images or giving them to someone else to make money from them, you are free to use the images as you please for  non-commercial, self-promotional. This includes websites, social media, portfolio, etc. A commercial usage license is available if you need  to profit from the sale of sets or sell prints, please feel free to discuss your needs with me. I’m willing to negotiate use on an ad-hoc basis and if we can come to terms we will need to adjust the Shoot Agreement to reflect a commercial use arrangement.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to working you!